Our Mission:

Excite you to enjoy nutritious recipes, and demonstrate that clean eating can be easy and fun…. all with the purpose of inspiring people to live happier and healthier lives through food.


Meet the Clapper Sisters:

Hi, I am Leah Clapper. A few of the things I love most are gymnastics, food, and my family. I have done gymnastics since I was a toddler and, to this day, the sport takes up the majority of my free time. Being a student-athlete, I have realized the importance of having a balanced lifestyle, which includes a healthy diet of course. That brings me to another thing I really enjoy: cooking. Ever since I was little, I have countless memories of baking with my family.  


As a vegetarian who is fascinated with aesthetically pleasing food, it wasn’t until more recently that I began making new recipes and spending extra time in the kitchen. Now in college on the University of Florida gymnastics team, this blog allows my sister (a.k.a. my best friend) and I to stay connected even though we are hundreds of miles apart. I love creating new recipes and am always excited to share them!  



Hi, I’m Lily Clapper. Also a gymnast, I’ve mastered the art of finessing beam and floor routines. Along with adding zest to the food I eat, I just can’t resist sprinkling a little extra spice on my meal! My favorite foods are often savory and full of flavor, but I certainly can’t resist a delectable, rich chocolate souffle. All in all, I love cooking and experiencing this blogging adventure with my sister!